Goalkeepers role and how they can even change football

One of the most vital positions in football is goalkeeper, sometimes known as keeper or goalie. It is the sport’s most specialized position.

Role of Goalkeeper

The major responsibility of the goalkeeper is to keep the opposing team from scoring (moving the ball over the defended goal-line within the frame of the goal). The goalie accomplishes this by moving into the course of the ball and either catching it or redirecting it away from the goal line. Goalkeepers can use their hands inside the penalty area, making them the only players on the pitch who can handle the ball (outside throw-ins). Goalkeepers distinguish themselves from their teammates by wearing distinct colored uniforms.

The Best Goalkeepers

There are many amazing goalkeepers from which we can learn from, but in the last decades a few were able to stay on high levels consistently and they will be hardly be forgotten! We are talking about the likes of Buffon, Casillas, Alisson, Neuer and more!

As for Neuer, n the video, you will see unbelievable goals that are saved by Manuel Neuer and how even goalkeepers can change football. That was surely the case of the german goalkeeper!

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