Importance of Nature in People’s Life

Interacting with nature, like going for a walk in the park or looking at pictures or movies of trees and green space, has been shown to be good for your mind, body, and relationships. Studies have shown that watching awe-inspiring nature movies like Planet Earth changes our sense of self by making us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. This helps make people more generous and willing to work together.


Nature gives artists and inventors ideas. Who could argue that the Wright brothers were inspired by birds flying or that Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity by watching an apple fall? Also, many of the world’s greatest thinkers, like Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ, got spiritual ideas from nature.

Studies show that time spent in nature is good for the brain and health, whether it’s a walk in the park or a day spent hiking in the woods. For example, one study compared the results of people who watched videos of natural scenes to those who watched videos of urban scenes. The people who watched videos of natural scenes had better attention and felt happier, while the people who watched videos of urban scenes felt more stressed and depressed.

Take it easy

When we feel stressed, it’s important to use relaxation methods to help us get back on track and calm down. These include things like meditation, yoga, and taking a walk in the woods.

Even if we can’t go outside, imagining scenes from nature has been shown to help us feel less stressed. One study (Ulrich, 1991) found that people were more calm when they looked at a natural environment than when they looked at an urban one.

The biophilia hypothesis says that people are naturally drawn to nature and that spending time in green areas improves attention, mood, and emotions. The Attention Restoration Theory also says that being in nature helps us be able to pay attention again. Other studies have shown that even seeing pictures or videos of nature makes people more generous and willing to work together.

The health of the mind

Things like partnerships and long-term goals can be affected by mental health problems. It’s important to know what causes mental illnesses like sadness, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and to get help if you think you might have them.

People with mental health problems can feel better when they spend time in nature. This could be because nature calms the mind and makes people feel less stressed. It also makes people feel good and makes their minds work better.

You can get the benefits of nature both by being involved in nature and by being passively exposed to nature, such as by walking near parks or watching videos of natural scenes. Even natural sounds like crickets chirping and waves breaking can help you feel better. Studies have shown that people who listened to natural sounds did better on difficult mental tests than those who listened to sounds from cities.

The health of the body

Physical health is the state of the body, which includes things like being active and eating healthy food. Heart disease and cancer are less likely to happen if you are physically healthy.

Correlational studies show that people who live or work near natural settings are healthier than those who don’t. Researchers are now taking advantage of new technologies to try new things to find out how nature affects human health.

Exposure to nature seems to lower stress levels, whether you go camping in the mountains or just watch the amazing Planet Earth. Seeing nature also seems to blur the lines between self and others, which may have effects on how people connect with each other. Most likely, this change in point of view is due to a stronger sense of relationship with other living things.

How People Get Along

Many studies have found that feeling linked to nature makes people happier, makes them feel good, and gives them a better sense of what their lives are for. This means that you are more kind and generous to other people. Even things like walking through a natural area, looking out a window, or just looking at pictures and videos of natural landscapes can have these benefits.

Sociologists use the word “social interaction” to describe any interaction between or within groups, whether it is voluntary or not. Erving Goffman compared social interaction to acting in a play. As the actors engage with each other and the world around them, they build their roles. This shaping of reality is one of the most important parts of human culture. It includes both words and body language. It can also include acts of passage.

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