Indoor Cycling is for Everyone

Indoor cycling, often known as spinning, is a type of exercise that involves utilizing a specific mechanical exercise bicycle with a heavy flywheel in a classroom setting and focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, and high intensity (race days), and recuperation.

Robin Arzón is more than a bike coach. She works as a life coach.

When the incredibly motivating Arzón instructs a Peloton live-streamed indoor cycling class, she’s not simply talking about cadence and resistance. She passionately encourages her tens of thousands of riders to consider the question, “Why not me?” She’s not just talking about destroying the workout. She’s referring to their off-bike aspirations, such as landing a dream career, asking for more money, or finding love. “When you see greatness in someone else, it’s a reflection of your own potential,” she says.

Arzón wasn’t always a fitness trendsetter. She worked as a corporate lawyer for seven years. And, as she considered a job move at the time, she essentially asked herself the same question: “why not me?”

So… why not her? Arzón quit the legal profession in 2012 to pursue a new career as a running coach, ultramarathoner, and cycling instructor. Arzón has developed a large following (her fans refer to her as “The Queen”) since giving her first live class for Peloton in 2014, and she is now a headteacher and vice president of fitness programming.

Arzón, 38, recently spoke with Know Your Value about how a near-death experience led her to fitness and what prompted her to leave her law profession to pursue her passion. She also gave advice to women who are thinking about changing careers.

Sources: MSNBC

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