How does it feel to be blind?

Do you ever feel uneasy when you’re around a blind person? Are you terrified of saying or doing something inappropriate? Do you have any idea what the person is thinking or feeling? If you have some questions like these, then let us tell you how a blind person feels about the world.

Because everyone wants to feel good about life and wants to lead wonderful lifelong connections.

Prentending to be blind

If you think if you close your eyes and pretend to be blink you will feel like a blind person but No, playing the part of a blind person is not a good idea. You can get the complete opposite impression of what it’s like to be blind. You may have trouble finding things, that you’ll bump into things, that you’ll knock something over, or that you’ll injure yourself. You might be terrified, frustrated, or perplexed, and believe that this is how blind people feel. 

So, feel the way a blind person feels from this video.

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