Planets you can live on if you leave Earth

Have you ever thought if for a reason we had to leave Earth to find another habitual planet to live on? But, the important question is how many livable planets are there in the universe? There is an infinite number of stars, galaxies, and planets in the Universe. 

Base of Life

 Water is essential for life to exist in any corner of the universe. To support life, possibly habitable planets must have liquid water. For this to happen, a huge number of factors must align. The planet must be in the star’s habitable zone. Closer to the star, the water will evaporate, preventing the formation of oceans and seas. This is exactly what occurred on Venus. When the planet is too far away from the star, it becomes too chilly. On the surface, water can only exist as ice, yet there may be liquid water deep beneath. Neptune is one such case.

Where you can live?

There are many stars in our galaxy alone. You can’t rely on them at all. There could be a planet near each of them. They’re known as exoplanets. And some of them may be in the habitable zone, with everything necessary for life to thrive. Scientists have identified 24 super habitable exoplanets out of a total of 4,500 known exoplanets. This is the type of planet that is even more conducive to life’s existence and evolution than Earth!

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